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Quick Question…

Why are people on tumblr so full of hate?
I don’t understand the negativity. I don’t even understand why they do it annonomously.
I’m sorry someone didn’t hug you enough and tell you that they love you.
I’m not even on here that much anymore and every time I check it I have something that’s nasty.
Oh well I guess, I just don’t get why some people are mean just to be mean.

P.S.- Bitch, I’m fabulous.


3 rounds for time:
100 m row
10 pushups
20 sit-ups
25 ring rows
Time: 11:37

The ring rows really slowed me down, definitely should’ve been faster but oh well. I also whacked myself in the face with the rower handle. No one saw though that was cool.

Time for some puppy snuggles.

Also, I watched the Opening Ceremony and it was interesting for sure. Loved that Gildroy Lockhart, Jo, and Ole Voldy made an appearance. Oh, and the Queen could not have look less amused if she was trying.

Night bitches.


3 Rounds for Time

250 m Row

15 Kettlebell Presses

10 Ring Rows


This whole rowing with one leg this is garbage. I need my leg to heal yesterday. On the plus side, I’m sure with all of this upper body work I’ll be able to get a muscle up that much sooner :) On my way to CrossFit in a bit to do some more arm work :( 

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